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3M Cut Vinyl Graphics

The inception of vinyl film had its start back in the 1930s by a Minnesota company known as 3M. We proudly use their film for all of our cut vinyl projects.

Manufactured to last, premium grade vinyl is for permanent displays. 3M’s superior vinyl is the same color front-to-back, meaning it does not fade like printed vinyl will—vinyl graphics look great for years. It is cast, which means it will not shrink over time like calendared, less expensive vinyls.

Another huge advantage of cut vinyl is that information can be removed and replaced—for example, changing a phone number or address.

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3m wrap material rochester mn, vehicle wraps

3M Wrap Material

This versatile material can go almost anywhere; it can be applied to most interior and exterior surfaces in any size or shape. Display your message easily with full color, gradients or effects.

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Installation often involves specific product and environmental requirements. Our professional installers are well organized and knowledgeable. We will ensure your project is well placed, visible and durable.

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